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New seasonal route to Teesside announced

Coorse imbee noa gys Cheu yn Tees fogrit magh

Etlaghyn gys as veih Runnysvie goaill toshiaght Mee Voaldyn

Dy leah bee kione jurnaa etlagh noa veih Runnysvie.

Ta Purt Aer Eddyr-Ashoonagh Cheu yn Tees, faggys da Darlington, er vograghey magh shey coorsyn aer noa – as bee fer jeu gys Ellan Vannin.

Bee shirveish imbee ee ynrican, nee toshiaght y ghoaill Jesarn, 30 Mee Voaldyn mleeaney.


Flights to and from Ronaldsway begin in May

There will soon be a new flight destination from Ronaldsway.

Teesside International Airport, near Darlington, has announced six new air routes - one of which will be to the Isle of Man.

It will be a seasonal service only, which begins on Saturday, 30 May this year.

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