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New TT Scoreboard 'hopefully' ready for 2023 races

Boayrd Skensh noa cour TT 'dy treishteilagh' aarloo son ratchyn 2023

Yeearree phlannal currit stiagh ayn 4 Mee Vayrt

Bee boayrd skensh noa cour y TT er Raad Glion Chruitcheree 'dy treishteilagh' aarloo son ny ratchyn 'sy vlein shoh cheet.

Shen veih Oltey yn Chiare as Feed as currym politickagh ersyn son spoyrt jeshaght, Rob Callister. 

Ren yn Rheynn Gastid Dellal cur stiagh ayn yeearree phlannal Jeheiney, 4 Mee Vayrt.

Yn boayrd skensh roish shoh, troggit ayns ny 1980yn,  va feme er ve er ny lhieggal Mee Houney 2020 er coontey cooishyn strughtooroil – bee boayrd shallidagh ayn mleeaney.

Ta ny plannyn noa er ve jeant lurg coyrle scrutee theayagh as nee ad goaill stiagh scapeyn dy strooal y scaalheaney chellveeish bio.

Ta jerkalys ayn dy jig yn argid ass claareyn argidoil yn Rheynn  t'ayn hannah, cho leah's ta costyssyn soit, as dy jig toshiaght er obbyr lurg Grand Prix Vannin 2022.

AS ROB CALLISTER : "She jurnaa feer liauyr t'er ve ayn, shegin dou gra shen, neayr's hug shin magh yn coyrle scrutee hoshiaght back ayns Mee Houney 2019. Ny nee sleih y akin veih'n strughtoor t'er ve currit son kied plannal, bee ad abyl dy akin yn eiraght, nee ad fakin y cultoor, as cummey as ennaghtyn y henn voayrd skensh, agh ta palchey chagnoaylleeaght cheusthie jeh. 

"Myr shoh bee un scape mooar 'sy vean as daa scape sloo er dagh cheu vees cur lesh y taghyrt hene as y voayrd skensh stiagh 'sy chied cheeadoo as feed. Agh ta'n ennaghtyn shen foast echey jeh'n chenn voayrd skensh ta shin ooilley er jeet dy ve oayllagh rish ayns yn cheead blein shoh chaie." 

S'lesh Eiraght Ashoonagh Vannin nish ta oltyn y voayrd skensh roish nish – dy yannoo seose ayrn jeh Lout TT noa Thie Tashtee Vannin ayns 2023. 


Planning application submitted Friday 4 March

A new TT scoreboard on Glencrutchery Road will 'hopefully' be ready for next year's races.

That's from Member of the House of Keys with political responsibility for motorsport, Rob Callister.

The Department for Enterprise submitted a planning application on Friday, 4 March.

The previous scoreboard, built in the 1980s, had to be taken down in November 2020 due to structural issues - a temporary board will be in place this year.

The new plans have been drawn up following a public consultation and will include screens to stream the live television broadcast.

It's expected to be funded from existing DfE budgets, once costs are fixed, and work begin after the 2022 Manx Grand Prix.


Manx National Heritage now possesses parts of the previous Scoreboard - due to feature as part of the Manx Museum's new TT Gallery in 2023.

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