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New Tynwald Mills owners will expand

Shellooderyn noa Mwyljyn Tinvaal, nee ad mooadaghey dellal

Ta Mwyljyn Tinvaal er nyn gionnaghey liorish y mynchreckeyder smoo ayns ny h-Ellanyn Vooir Eeaght, ta shirrey mooadaghey yn dellal oc.

Lurg daue v'er chionnaghey Mwyljyn Tinvaal son 'sym nagh vel soilshit', ta Sandpiper CI gra dy vel ad kiarail jannoo ymmyd jeh myr ardane- lunnee dy rowlal magh kiartyn feiy'n Ellan.

Chreck y Mill Shop Ltd. e bunargid-ronney jeh rheynn-dellal y cholught lurg jeih bleeaney as feed - ta'n fer-toshee Stephen Bradley gra nagh bee ny caghlaaghyn jeant dy leah er chor erbee.

Tony O'Neill, ard-offishear sheckteragh Sandpiper, t'eh cur raane dy jean ooilley yn cheead as jeih failleydee freayll nyn startaghyn - hoilshee eh magh ny veagh taghyrt.

New Tynwald Mills owners will expand

Tynwald Mills has been bought by the Channel Islands' largest retailer, which is looking to expand its business.

Having bought the department store for an 'undisclosed sum', Sandpiper CI says it's looking into using it as a launch pad to roll out concessions Island-wide.

The Mill Shop Ltd. sold off its share capital of the company's trading division after 30 years - boss Stephen Bradley says the changes won't happen anytime soon.

Sandpiper CEO Tony O'Neill is guaranteeing the jobs of all 110 employees - he explained what was in tne pipeline.

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