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New UK pound coin in circulation

Cooiney punt noa yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit currit magh da'n theay

Cooinaghyn punt lesh daa lhiattee jeig, v'ad currit magh da'n theay sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit y laa jea (Jemayrt).

Ga nagh d'eiyr Mannin er shen, as ee goaill rish y chooiney eh hene, bee yn cooiney coontit dy ve leighoil ayns shoh.

Ny yei shen, shappyn ta gymmydey greieyn gollrish shickyreyderyn shirveish-hene, bee orroo ny coaryssyn oc y yeianaghey, dy ghoaill rish y chooiney noa.

Y reireyder keeall chionnit ec Tesco ayns Doolish, Alan Croly, t'eh gra dy vel ad kiarit son y caghlaa hannah.

New UK pound coin in circulation

New 12-sided pound coins came into circulation in the UK yesterday (Tuesday).

Despite the Isle of Man not following suit and adopting the currency itself, the updated pound will be accepted as legal tender here.

Stores using devices such as self-service checkouts will have to update their systems if they want to accommodate the new coin however.

Customer Experience Manager at Tesco in Douglas, Alan Croly says they have already prepared for the change.

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