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Next step in govt's savings drive

Y nah chesmad ayns eab y reiltys son sproagyn

V'eh jerkit dy derragh y reiltys tooilley fys y laa jea (yn kiarroo laa Mee Averil) mychione aghtyn t'eh kiarail feddyn queig as feed millioon punt  dy sproagyn, harrish ny queig bleeaney ta ry-heet.

Va'n dean soit ec y Çhirveishagh Tashtee Alf Cannan, ayns e chlaare argidoil ayns Toshiaght Arree.

Skimmee leeidit ec yn oltey-rheynn Bill Shimmins, t'eh dy ockley-magh roish Jerrey Souree er ny h-aghtyn oddys sproagyn mooarey ve jeant ayns gagh rheynn.

T'eh smooinit dy bee eh liklee dy bee moyllaghyn ayn dy ghiarrey yn earroo dy hirveishyn ta goll er stiurey ec y reiltys, coardail rish y tuarastyl Reayn y Reiltys.

Chammah as shen, chuirr y ventyr SAVE faaueyn veih theay Vannin.
As eh loayrt lurg y claare argidoil, dooyrt Mnr Cannan dy vel y ronsaght son sproagyn er ny eiyrt ec y vaarney jeh kiare feed millioon punt ayns argid y reiltys.

Next step in govt's savings drive

Government was expected to give further details yesterday (4 April) on how it intends to find £25 million of savings over the next five years.

The target was set by Treasury Minister Alf Cannan in his February budget.
A team led by departmental member Bill Shimmins is due to report back by July, on how substantial savings can be made across all departments.

It's thought likely recommendations on reducing the number of publicy-run services, from the Scope of Government report, will be put forward.

The SAVE initiative also invited suggestions from the Manx public.
Speaking after the budget, Mr Cannan said the search for savings is driven by the £80 million deficit in public finances.

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