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No international students at UCM

Dyn studeyryn eddyr-ashoonagh ec Colleish Ollooscoill Vannin

Ard-offishear ec Colleish Ollooscoill Vannin, t'ee jerkallagh dy voddagh aa-chummey yn coarys-ynsee leeideil gys studeyryn eddyr-ashoonagh çheet gys yn Ellan studeyrys y yannoo ayns shoh.

Shimmey studeyr Manninagh hooar e eiyrtys-scrutaght Leval-A yn vee shoh, bee eh dy leah goll gys y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit studeyrys y yannoo ec ollooscoill.

She Gail Corrin ny Reireyder Ynsagh Syrjey ec Colleish Ollooscoill Vannin.

T'ee gra, ec y traa t'ayn, cha nel studeyryn erbee ass y Reeriaght Unnaneyssit reih jannoo studeyrys ayns shoh. 

No international studets at UCM

A senior figure at University College Isle of Man (UCM) is hopeful reform of the education system could lead to students from abroad travelling to the Island to study.

Many Manx A-Level studens who received their reslts earlier this month will soon be heading off to the UK to stdy at university.

Gail Corrin is the Higher Education Manager at UCM.

She says, at present, there are no students from the UK opting to come here.

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