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No plans on Island for debt 'breathing space scheme'

Gyn plannyn 'syn Ellan son 'skeim traa tayrn ennal' son lhiastynys

Shirveishagh tashtee faagail magh glackey bree yn RU

Ta'n shirveishagh tashtee gra nagh vel plannyn echey ec y traa shoh dy chur er bun 'skeim traa tayrn ennal' er-nyn-son as t'ad er jeet dy ve fo lhiastynys.

Ren Oltey yn Chiare as Feed son Rhumsaa Lawrie Hooper briaght jeh Alfred Cannan row eh sur-smooinaghtyn er rolley magh bree gollrish shen va er ny lhunney liorish reiltys y Reeriaght Unnaneysit nurree.

T'eh cooney dy feaysley preays er fir er-lheh ta cur rish jiatteryn dy lhiggey daue shirrey coyrle as dy chur er bun aghtyn freggyrtagh rish lhiastynys.

Dinsh Mnr Cannan da Tinvaal dy vel cooney ry gheddyn. 

AS ALFRED CANNAN : Fakin nagh row eh agh kiart er y gherrid dy row eh currit er bun syn RU, er-lhiam dy vel paart dy hraa ayn son sur-smooinaghtyn er. Cha nel mee jeant shickyr dy vel yn towse cheddin dy lhiastynys ain, as, dy dooghyssagh, nee'n Oltey Onnoroil cur enn er, as yn obbyr echey rish y Phossan son Couyr Tarmaynagh, dy vel shin, dy dooghyssagh, er chur er bun skeim eeasaght son pohlldal lurg Coronavirus.


Treasury minister rules out adopting UK initiative

The treasury minister says he has no plans at this time to introduce a 'breathing space scheme' for those who've fallen into debt.

Ramsey Member of the House of Keys Lawrie Hooper asked Alfred Cannan whether he's considering rolling out an iniative like the one launched by the United Kingdom government last year.

It helps relieve pressure on individuals dealing with creditors to allow them to get advice and set up debt solutions.

Mr Cannan told Tynwald there is support available:

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