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No speed bumps in Kirk Michael road plans

Gyn tommanyn bieauee ayns plannyn raaidey Skylley Maayl

Chaglym Jemayrt son y theay dy yeeaghyn er

Cha bee tommanyn bieauee goit stiagh ayns plannyn y reiltys dy yannoo smoo sauchey y raad mooar ayns Skylley Maayl. 

Shen rere Barrantagh Maayl Carole Lillywhite, ta greinnaghey cummaltee y valley beg cheerey dy ve kionefenish chaglym theayagh marish y Rheynn Bun-Troggalys Jemayrt (14 Jerrey Geuree).

Nee'n rheynn soilshaghey magh ny treealtyssyn echey dy yannoo ass y noa cummey ny raaidey ayns Skylley Vaayl ayns halley spoyrt y scoill veih 7pm.

Ta Carole Lillywhite gra dy nee jarrooagh ta ny plannyn, agh nagh jean ad booiagh dy chooilley pheiagh.

AS CAROLE LILLYWHITE : She, bee sleih mollit, agh er-lhiam dy jean ny ta shin er chur stiagh ayns ynnyd jeh shen meeinaghey mooarane jeh'n aggle oc. As yn red nagh row sleih geearree dy feer, va shen ny tommanyn bieauee: cha row ad geearree ad shen er chor erbee. 


Meeting on Tuesday for public to view

There'll be no speed bumps included in government's plans to make the main road in Kirk Michael safer.

That's according to Michael Commissioner Carole Lillywhite, who's encouraging villagers to attend a public meeting with the Department of Infrastructure on Tuesday (14 January).

The department will reveal its proposals to update the road design in Kirk Michael at the school sports hall from 7pm.

Carole Lillywhite says the plans are positive, but won't please everyone:

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