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Not raising milk prices would be 'travesty' for Manx dairy farmers

Gyn dy yrjaghey priosyn son bainney, veagh shen 'neu-chairys' da eirinee vainney Vannin

Trass vishaghey 'sy phrios ayns nuy meeaghyn reaghit son Laa ny Bleeaney Noa

Gyn dy yrjaghey priosyn son bainney ayns Ellan Vannin, veagh shen 'neu-chairys' da eirinee Vannin.

Shen barel y hirveishagh chymmyltaght, bee as eirinys vees gra dy vel feme orroo yrjaghey 'naght cheddin as ta bishaghey er jeet son troaryn elley.

Bee Tinvaal er ny hirrey er dy choardail rish Oardyr Priosyn Bainney noa 'sy vee shoh cheet oddys cur er pynt dy vainney bishaghey liorish 5 pingyn gys 85 ping.

Shoh yn trass bishaghey 'sy phrios ayns nuy meeaghyn.  

Dinsh Clare Barber da Radio Vannin nagh vod ee faagail magh tooilley bishaghyn 'sy traa ry heet.

AS CLARE BARBER : Ta fys aym son shickyrys dy vel ny oaseiryn aym ayns coloayrtyssyn reiltagh rish chammah's Sheshaght Cheirdey Ashoonagh Vannin ny Heirinee as yn cho-voodeeys eirinagh s'lhea, cur geill da nagh vel yn Sheshaght Cheirdey ny chaghter son dy chooilley pheiagh. Agh ec y traa cheddin ta chaglymyn reiltagh reaghit aym rish yn Cheshaght Cheirdey, chammah's caaghyn elley ta mee dy ghlackey, dy loayrt rish olteynyn y cho-voodeeys eirinagh, kiart myr yinnin's rish ooilley ny caghlaaghyn jeadys as ta chaghter oc 'sy Rheynn Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys. 

Ta fys aym dy vel colught coyrlee er hirrey dy loayrt rish y cho-voodeeys eirinagh, dy mooar lesh keim ry hoi ronsaghey as goaill data ayns shoh. Myr shoh, son shickyrys ta mee geearree clashtyn veih sleih, as myr dooyrt mee ayns Tinvaal, ta mee gobbraghey dy mooar polasee jeh dorrys vees foshlit. My vees reddyn ec sleih as by vie lhieu cur stiagh ad, ta failt orroo dy kinjagh bentyn da barelyn jeeragh as keeayl chionnit y cho-voodeeys  


Third price rise in nine months set for New Year's Day

Not raising milk prices on the Isle of Man would be a ‘travesty’ for Manx farmers.

That’s the view of the environment, food and agriculture minister who says they have to go up in the same way other products have increased.

Tynwald will be asked to approve a new Milk Prices Order next month which would see a pint of milk increase by 5 pence to 85 pence.

It’s the third price rise in nine months.

Clare Barber told Manx Radio says she can’t rule out further hikes in future:

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