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Nurses' wages to increase

Bishee faill voandyryn

Phrow yn ard-sheshaght-cheirdey, yn Cholleish Reeoil Voandyrys dy neu-speeideilagh, dy varganey bishaghey jeh queig sy cheead son obbreeyn ny s'leaie mleeaney, agh huitt taggloo marish y Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay ass y cheilley.

Ny lurg eddyr-vriwnys, hed faill voandyryn seose nish liorish 2.5 sy cheead, croghey er coardailys ny shirveishee.

Ta shoh er daghyrt laghyn erreish da sheshaghtyn-keirdey v'er gheddyn bishaghey faill cosoylagh son sharvaantyn theayagh as obbreeyn-laue.

Ta loayrtagh son y Cholleish Reeoil gra dy vel y reiltys 'soiaghey mooar jeh obbyr chreoi olteynyn, chammah as goaill rish y vroo tarmaynagh er yn Ellan'.

Nurses' wages to increase

Leading union the Royal College of Nursing tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a 5% wage increase for workers earlier this year, but talks with the Department of Health and Social Care collapsed.

Following a process of arbitration, nurses' pay will now go up by 2.5%, pending ministers' approval.It comes days after trade unions secured a similar pay increase for civil servants and manual workers.

A spokesperson for RCN says the government 'recognises the hard work of members whilst acknowledging the economic pressures on the Island'.

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