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OFT chair looks forward to gas review

Caairlagh yn ODC jeeaghyn roish gys scrutaght er gas

Troaryn jerkit rish ve clouit dy gerrid

Ta caairlagh yn Oik Dellal Cairagh gra dy vel eh jeeaghyn roish dy akin y scrutaght er gas, vees skedjalit dy ve clouit dy gerrid.

Ta cheet rish y scrutaght geiyrt er anvea mychione y strughtoor prios va goll er ymmydey ec Gas Vannin.

Ta coarys tailley beayn rere boandaghyn nish er ve tayrnit er ash.

Dy neu-oikoil, ta sleih smooinaghtyn dy nee arganeagh ta'n scrutaght, as dy vel eh "soilshaghey magh reddyn follit".

Ta Martyn Perkins gra dy chur lesh eh stiagh ayn:

AS MARTYN PERKINS :  Well, ta anaase mooar aym er fakin ny reddyn follit ta goll er soilshaghey magh. As mish baghey as tayrn ennal er gas Vannin ooilley yn traa ta mee er ve 'sy pholitickaght, as ee ve ain myr cooish arganeagh son yn Oik Dellal Cairagh – she, veagh anaase aym fakin ny t'adsyn.

Ta ennaghtyn aym dy bee eh clink ayns carr bentyn rish ny t'ain, agh cha nel fys aym: ta mee jeeaghyn roym dy akin y tuarastyl.

Findings expected to be published soon

The chairman of the Office of Fair Trading says he is looking forward to seeing the gas review, due for publication soon.

The appearance of the review follows disquiet at the pricing structures used by Manx Gas.

A banding standard charge system has now been withdrawn.

Unofficially, the review is thought to be controversial, and contains some "revelations".

Martyn Perkins says bring it on:

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