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OFT downplays petrol price gap

Cha mooar lesh yn Oik Dellal Cairagh y vaarney eddyr priosyn phedryl

Ta'n Oik Dellal Cairagh gra foast nagh nee 'roosteyrys', ny priosyn jeh pedryl syn Ellan, myr ta grait dy mennick ec sleih.

Va'n Caairliagh Martyn Perkins loayrt lurg da'n chooish va troggit ayns Tinvaal yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie. She keesh, ny smoo jeh lieh yn phrios eeckit son gagh leetyr dy chonney - cha row yn cheesh caghlaait ayns claare argidoil ny bleeaney shoh.

Ny ta faagit jeh'n chostys, t'eh jeant ass costyssyn son reirey, plannal as ymmyrkey, ta skeaylt harrish ny kiare-jeig dy stashoonyn-pedryl syn Ellan.

Ta Mnr Perkins gra dy vel yn Oik Dellal Cairagh cummal sooill yere er priosyn ayns Mannin as sy Reeriaght Unnaneyssit - agh cha nee cronnal yn anchaslys ayns pingyn y leetyr.

OFT downplays petrol price gap

The Office of Fair Trading insists petrol prices in the Island aren't the 'rip-off' they are often made out to be.

Chairman Martyn Perkins was speaking after the issue was raised in Tynwald last week. Over half of the price paid on every litre of fuel goes on duty - which was left unchanged in this year's budget.

The remainder of the cost is exacerbated by logistics and transport costs, which are spread across the Island's fourteen filling stations.

Mr Perkins says the OFT keeps a close eye on prices here and in the UK - but maintains the difference in pence per litre is not remarkable.

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