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Onchan says no to rent rises

Connaghyn jiooldey bishaghey mayl

Errey er tannyssyn, ta'n Boayrd dy ghra 

Ta Barrantee Connaghyn er choyrlaghey nagh lhisagh tannyssyn ayns thieys lughtyn-reill ynnydoil fakin bishaghey mayl.

Ta'n Rheynn Bun-Troggalys er screeu reesht rish lughtyn-reill ynnydoil trooid yn Ellan, shirrey freggyrt er caghlaaghyn cummyssagh.

Ren ny Barrantee ayns Connaghyn feeraghey y barel oc ayns chaglym fastyr beg Jelune (17oo Mean Fouyir).

Rere y voayrd, ta mayllyn er 'vishaghey dy mooar' as erskyn bolgey argidoil ayns ny queig bleeaney shoh chaie - cur 'errey er tannyssyn'. 

Ayns screeuyn da'n RB-T, ta'n Boayrd cheet neesht er y varney eddyr bishaghey mayl as bishaghey er mean ayns argid faill.

Ta Barrantee Connaghyn coardail rish Barrantee Balleychashtal ayns coyrlaghey bishaghey 0% ayns mayl son thieys ny lughtyn-reill ynnydoil.

Cha nel tooilley fys er starr reaghey mayl yn RB-T jerkit derrey ny s'anmey 'sy vlein shoh. 


Burden on tenants says Board 

Onchan Commissioners have recommended that tenants in local government housing shouldn't face a rent rise.

The Department of Infrastructure has again written to local authorities across the Island, asking for feedback on potential changes.

Commissioners in Onchan affirmed their position at a meeting last night (17 September).

Rents, according to the board, have 'increased dramatically' and above inflation in the last five years - placing a 'burden on tenants'.

In a letter to the DoI, the Board also points to the gulf between rent increases and average wage increases.

Onchan Commissioners join Castletown Commissioners in recommending a 0% increase in local authority housing rents.

An update on the DOI's rent setting process isn't expect until later this year.

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