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Over a million for prom consultants

Erskyn millioon son fir choyrlee er y chooylaghan

Toshiaght er obbyr skedjallit Mean Fouyir

Ta ny shlee na millioon punt er ve ceaut er taillaghyn son fir choyrlee da'n skeim aa-vioghee son shooylaghan Doolish.

Ta earrooyn currit magh via aghin rere seyrsnys fysseree soilshaghey magh dy vel queig parteeassyn er n'gheddyn £1,097,292 choud's nish veih'n Rheynn Bun-Troggalys.

Ta sleih jerkal dy jean y towse shen yrjaghey gys £2.2 millioon cho leah's vees ooilley ny taillaghyn coyrlee jerkit er nyn eeck.

Ta'n baarail shoh er obbyr dy stiurey yn shalee, kiaddey railley as oaseirys plannal as t'eh cheet ass claare argidoil er £25 millioon ec yn Rheynn son y skeim.

Ta aa-hroggal y shooylaghan skedjallit dy ghoaill toshiaght Mean Fouyir as t'ad jerkal rish ceau three bleeaney er cooilleeney eh.

Over a million for prom consultants

Work due to start in September

More than £1 million has been spent on consultancy fees for the Douglas promenade regeneration scheme.

Figures released via a freedom of information request show five parties have received £1,097,292 to date from the Department of Infrastructure.

It's expected that amount will go up to  £2.2 million pounds once all the projected consultancy fees have been paid out.

This spending covers work on project management, rail design and planning supervision and comes from the Department's £25 million pound budget for the scheme.

Reconstruction of the promenade is due to get underway in September and is expected to take three years to complete.

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