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PAG welcomes Tynwald e-petitions

Possan Jantys Jarrooagh goltaghey aghinyn-L

Ta'n Possan Jantys Jarrooagh er noltaghey caghlaaghyn ayns reillyn Tinvaal, vees lowal da'n whaiyl resooney aghinyn vees currit roee.

Yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, vote yn whaiyl lesh un aigney ny h-oardaghyn shassoo eck y chaghlaa, dy lowal dy beagh lheid ny h-aghinyn goll er resooney.

Roger Tomlinson jeh'n Phossan Jantys Jarrooagh, t'eh gra dy vel yn aght-obbyr noa cur caa da sleih ayrn y ghoaill dy jeeragh ayns deynlaght Vanninagh.

As ny nabooyn ain goaill rish aghinyn post-L hannah, t'eh gra, t'eh traa da'n ard-whaiyl ainyn y red cheddin y yannoo.

PAG welcomes Tynwald e-petitions

The Positive Action Group has welcomed changes to Tynwald's rules allowing the court to debate online peritions presented to it.

Last week, the court voted unanimously to change its standing orders, to allow such petitions to be debated.

Roger Tomlinson of PAG says the new procedure gives people the chance to directly participate in Manx democracy.

And he says with our neighbours already accepting e-petitions, it's about time our parliament did so, too.

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