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Park properly around grandstand say police

Pairk er aght cooie mygeayrt y mysh yn ardane-soie, ta ny meoiryn-shee gra

Ta ny meoiryn-shee cur ayns cooinaghtyn immanee as markee dy phairkal er aght cooie mygeayrt ardane-soie yn TT as ard-stashoon ny meoiryn-shee.

Ta'n Scruteyr Derek Flint gra dy vel ad jannoo shoh kyndagh rish garraghey yn chooid smoo dy pholeeney obbraidagh erash gys yn ard- stashoon, ny s'leaie sy vlein.

T'eh gra ny sodjey dy row scrutaght jeh sauçhys-immeeaght jeant myrgeddin.

Chammah as shen t'eh gra, peiagh erbee vees goit as ad pairkal er y pheamad, ny garraghey cughlinyn va currit magh ec meoiryn-shee, ver ad eddin rish 'kerraghey cooie', myr t'eh gra rish.

Park properly around grandstand say police

The police are issuing a reminder for drivers and riders to park properly in the area of the TT Grandstand and Police Headquarters.

Inspector Derek Flint says it follows a move of the majority of operational policing back to headquarters earier this year.

He adds that there has also been a review of event safety.

Inspector Flint adds that anyone caught parking on the pavement or moving cones put out by police officers will face what he terms "appropriate sanctions".

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