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Party politics largely 'not wanted'

'Cha nel politickaght-phartee shirrit son y chooid smoo'

Ny h-eiyrtyssyn jeh fo-reihyssyn son y Chiare as Feed mleeaney, t'ad soilshaghey nagh vel yn Ellan laccal politickaght-phartee son y chooid smoo. Shen ny ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh gra.

Hie yeearreyder neuchrogheydagh elley er reih reesht ayns Doolish Hiar yn çhiaghtin shoh chaie, as ta Allan Bell credjal dy vel shen feeraghey nagh beagh yn Ellan shirveishit ec coarys pholitickaght-phartee.

She yn wheiggoo fo-reilhys ayns shey mee v'ayn, as yn chiarroo fer va yeearreyder ass Mannin Libraalagh shassoo ayn - va Mannin Libraalagh neu-speeideilagh ayns gagh fo-reihys.

Ta Allan Bell smooinaghtyn dy vel shen soilshaghey barel y theay mychione y choarys-partee.

Party politics largely 'not wanted'

The Chief Minister says results of House of Keys by-elections this year show the Island largely doesn't want party politics.

Allan Bell believes the election of another independent candidate in East Douglas last week again proves the Island would not be served by a party political system.

The by-election was the fifth in six months and the fourth contested by Lib Van who have been unsuccessful in each.

Allan Bell thinks that reflects public opinion on the party system.

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