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Pension reforms could trigger exodus – Prospect

Oddagh aa-chummaghyn penshynyn cur er ram obbreeyn faagail

Sheshaght-cheirdey ta shassoo son daa housane dy h-obbreeyn sy cherroo theayagh syn Ellan, t'ee er chur raaue dy voddagh aa-chummaghyn penshynyn noa cur er cooid vooar jeh'n skimmee 'aagail.

Ta Prospect er nyiooldey ny treealtyssyn s'jerree dy leodaghey  costys ny penshynyn. Ta ny treealtyssyn keeallaghey dy jinnagh olteynyn geeck 2.5 sy cheead ny smoo jeh'n faill oc son sloo cooney cadjin argidoil sy traa ry-heet.

Olteynyn jeh'n skeim-phenshyn noa, oddagh ad geeck lieh-cheead sy cheead ny smoo, cosoylit rish olteynyn jeh'n skeim ec y traa t'ayn.

Ta'n reiltys gra dy vel feme er caghlaaghyn dy hickyraghey dy bee skeimyn penshyn kerroo theayagh yn-obbraghey dy foddey-çharrymagh.

Agh cha nel ny h-aa-chummaghyn dellal rish shenn feeaghyn son penshynyn ta eeckit hannah - enmyssit 'leggad y vaarney argidoil'.

Angela Moffatt, offishear barganey Phrospect, t'ee gra dy re olk vees eh sy tra ry-heet - vees cleayney paart dy h-obbreeyn dy ghoaill y penshyn oc as immeeaght rhymboo.

Pension reforms could trigger exodus – Prospect

A union representing 2,000 public sector workers in the Island has warned that fresh pension reforms could trigger a major exit by staff.

Prospect has rejected the latest prosals to reduce the cost of pensions, which include members of the scheme contributing 2.5 per cent more of their pay for reduced future benefits.

New pension scheme members could pay 50 per cent more compared with existing members.

The government says changes are needed to secure the long-term viability of public sector pension schemes.

However, the reforms don't address historical liabilities for pensions already being paid - named 'the legacy funding gap'.

Prospect's negotiations officer Angela Moffatt says it's a grim outlook, which is tempting some to take their pension and run.

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