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'People power' helped secure old police station future

Niart y theay ren cooney dy hickyraghey eear stashoon poleen sy traa ry heet

Oltey yn Chiare as Feed oltaghey maylartey gys cochorp eiraght

Ren niart y theay cooney dy reayll yn Eear Stashoon Poleen ayns Balleychashtal ayns laueyn y theay.

Shen rere Oltey yn Chiare as Feed ynnydoil Jason Moorhouse.

V'eh fogrit magh Jecrean (14 Mean Souree) dy row ad er jeet gys coardailys er maylartey y troggal shenndeeagh gys shellooderys Thie Tashtee as Treisht Ashoonagh Vannin.

Ta Oltey yn Chiare as Feed ass-lieh Cairbre, Balleychashtal as Malew er jeet er imneaghyn mychione creck cummyssagh y troggal er y vargey foshlit.

Ta Mnr Moorhouse gra dy voddagh y troggal jannoo seose tayrnys elley son keayrtee da'n valley.

AS MNR MOORHOUSE : By vie lhiam fakin red ennagh ta cleayney tooilley sleih stiagh ayns Balleychashtal: tayrnys elley ny myn-chreckeyder traghtee ny red ennagh cochianglt rish eiraght Vannin.

Ta mee er chur kuse dy eyshtyn 'sy traa t'er n'gholl shaghey mychione ooilley ny ynnydyn yindyssagh ve ec Balleychashtal, agh ayns meeaghyn y gheuree as Jedoonee, nagh vel veg foshlit. Myr shoh ta cummys mooar dy liooar ayn.

'People power' helped secure old police station future

Member of the House of Keys welcomes transfer to heritage body

People power helped to keep the Old Police Station in Castletown in public hands.

That's according to local Member of the House of Keys Jason Moorhouse.

It was announced on Wednesday (14th June) that agreement has been reached to transfer the historic building into the ownership of the Manx Museum and National Trust.

The Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK had raised concerns over the potential sale of the building on the open market.

Mr Moorhouse says the building could provide another draw for visitors to the town:

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