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Planning committee to consider 60 bed care home at Glenside

Bing phlannal dy sur-smooinaghtyn er thie kiarail as 60 lhiabbee ayn son Glenside

Scruteyr coyrlaghey coardail rish plannyn y Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay

Ta plannyn dy hroggal thie kiarail as 60 lhiabbee ayn as ynnyd kiarail laa er yn ynnyd Glenside ayns Doolish er ve caghlaait beggan as currit stiagh reesht liorish reiltys Vannin.

Ayns e chaglym Jelune (2 Jerrey Souree), nee y Ving Phlannal loayrt mychione y lhiasaghey treealit. ta'n scruteyr plannal er chur moylley dy choardail rish.

Va yeearree jeant ec yn Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay ny s'leaie 'sy vlein shoh jiooldit er coontey ny raaidyn mooarey, lurg imnea mychione entreilys son carbid da'n ynnyd via Raad Victoria.

Va'n chooish jeh sauchys raaidey currit roish neesht ec Coonceil Balley Corpagh Ghoolish.

Ta'n yeearree lhiasit shoh, va currit roish ec yn RSKT Mee Averil, feer chosoylagh rish yn er roish, agh t'eh jeeaghyn dy ghoaill ayns laue ny imneaghyn shen.

T'eh goaill stiagh croo pairk gleashtan as 36 ynnydyn ayn, daa ynnyd son myn-varrooseyn, ynnyd ry lhiattee as ynnyd son carbyd lheiys.

Ta'n ard-troggal hene goaill stiagh 60 shamyr lhiabbagh en-suite, scarrit eddyr kiare 'boodeeyssyn', as shamyr hoie, shamyr vee as seyraadyn elley ec cagh.

Bee fer jeh ny ardyn shoh er-lheh son cummaltee as dementia oc.


Inspector recommends approval of DHSC plans

Plans to build a 60-bed care home and daycare centre at the Glenside site in Douglas have been tweaked and re-submitted by the Manx government.

At its meeting on Monday (2 July) the Planning Committee will discuss the proposed development, which the planning inspector has recommended be approved.

An application made by the Department of Health and Social Care earlier this year was refused on highways grounds, after concerns  about vehicular access to the site via Victoria Road.

The issue of road safety at the site was also raised by Douglas Borough Council.

This amended application, put forward by the DHSC in April, is very similar to the previous one, but looks to address those concerns.It includes the creation of a 36-space car park, two minibus spaces, an off lay-by, and an ambulance space.

The complex itself  includes 60 en-suite bedrooms, divided into four ‘communities’, each with lounge, dining room and other facilities.

One of these areas will be specifically for residents with dementia.

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