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Politicians of conviction needed

Feme er pollitickeyryn lesh credjue

Creear Ellanagh shassooyn sheshoil, t'eh cur shilley baghtal da politickeyryn ny cooishyn ta smoo scanshoil da'n sleih ta shassoo er nyn son.

Shen barel Chris Thomas, y Shirveishagh son polasee as aa-chummey, ny lurg cur-magh y nah chreear jeh torçh shoh, sessal barelyn ayns cooishyn veih ymmyrkey as aa-choorsal, gys ve jeant booiagh liorish bea.

Treisht ayns ny shirveishyn gyere-cheim, slaynt as ynsagh, t'ee ard; ta'n chooid smoo jin gennaghtyn sauçhey; as er y chooid smoo ta shin jeant booiagh liorish beaghey ayns Mannin.

Agh hoilshee yn chreear myrgeddin dy vel mynchooid vooar dy liooar dy leih (daeed sy cheead) er nyn moirey ec genney argid ayns bleeantyn er y gherrid.

As cha nel agh lieh-chooid jeh'n sleih smooinaghtyn dy vel y reiltys er chur reddyn jarrooagh da'n vea oc.

Ta Mnr Thomas er vendeil çhionnid argidoil ennagh va jeant ec y reiltys er y gherrid.Treealtyssyn gollrish bishaghey eeck son oardrailyn-medshin, t'eh gra nagh vel ad agh jeh beggan scansh mastey cooishyn ooilley cooidjagh.

Politicians of conviction needed

An Island-wide Social Attitudes Survey give politicians a clear picture of what matters most to the people they represent - and where new thinking is needed.

That view from Policy and Reform Minister Chris Thomas, after the publication of the second survey of its type, assessing views in areas from transport and recycling to life satisfaction with life in the Isle of Man.

But the survey also showed a substantial minority (40%) have experienced some financial strain in recent years and only half think government makes a positive contribution to their lives.

Mr Thomas has also defended some recent austerity moves by government.

He says proposals such as a hike in prescription charges are 'small beer' when the wide picture is viewed.

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