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Politicians 'too compliant', says Douglas MHK

Politickeyryn 'lhiggey lesh rour', ta OCF son Doolish dy ghra

Robertshaw geearree ad dy arganey ny smoo

Ta olteynyn Tinvaal ec y traa t'ayn lhiggey lesh foddey rour, rere un Oltey yn Chiare as Feed.

Va Chris Robertshaw jeh Doolish Hiar loayrt ayns claare Radio Vannin Jedoonee, Perspective.

Ren y coloayrtys jeeraghey er y reiltys goaill y currym son y Cholught Paggad Bree, jeeaghyn dy gyere er y Choardailys er Shirveishyn Marrey.

As eh loayrt mychione imneaghyn t'echey, ta Mnr Robertshaw gra dy voddagh y possan dy pholitickeyryn ec y traa t'ayn broddey cooishyn foddey ny smoo:

AS CHRIS ROBERTSHAW : Ta olteynyn Tinvaal ec y traa t'ayn lhiggey lesh foddey rour. Ta arganey politickagh jannoo seose ayrn feer eer scanshoil jeh'n starr. Shen dy ghra, myr ta fys ayd dy lickly, ta mish er  y cheu aa-scrutaghey polasee, as ta mee ayns ooilley agh nane jeh ny bingyn aa-scrutaghey polasee. As ta mee currit da cur eab er jannoo scrutaght jeh'n reiltys jantyssagh as ny ayrn mie jeh'n starr, shaghey ymmyrkey myr sorch 'ya-boo' y pholitickagh, foddee v'ayn eisht as nish 'sy traa t'er n'gholl shaghey. 


Robertshaw wants them to challenge more

The current Tynwald membership is far too compliant, according to one Member of the House of Keys.

Douglas East's Chris Robertshaw was speaking on Manx Radio's Sunday programme, Perspective.

The discussion focused on the government takeover of the Steam Packet Company, looking closely at the Sea Services Agreement.

Speaking of concerns he has, Mr Robertshaw says the current group of politicians could rock the boat much more:

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