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Politics can be a 'toxic environment' - Karran

Foddee politickaght ve ny çhymmyltaght nieuagh - Karran

Agh moylley ny va cooilleenit ayns ny jeih bleeaney as feed shoh chaie.

Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed nagh bee shassoo reesht syn ard-reihys ayns Mean Fouyir, t'eh goaill rish dy vod politickaght ve ny Ƨhymmyltaght nieuagh.

Peter Karran, va er ny reih ny oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son y chied cheayrt ayns fo-reihys ayns Medall sy vlein nuy cheead jeig, kiare feed as queig, roish my row eh speeideilagh ayns shey reihyssyn ny-yei y cheilley, cha jean eh shassoo reesht ec jerrey yn Tinvaal shoh.

Cha nee briwnys doaltattym ta jeant echey, t'eh gra, as t'eh jerkal dy vel eh er chummal ny dooghyssyn as onnerid echey hene ayns keird nagh vel kinjagh ynrick, t'eh gra.

As eh coontit son traa foddey dy ve ny chremeyder smoo jeeragh jeh reiltys Vannin, ta Mnr Karran credjal dy vel ram reddyn jarrooagh cooilleenit.

Politics can be a 'toxic environment' - Karran 

But praise for achievements of last three decades.

An MHK who will stand down in September after more than 30 years admits politics can be a toxic environment.

Peter Karran, who was first elected to the House of Keys at a by-election in Middle in 1985 before being successful in six consecutive elections in Onchan, will not seek re-election at the end of this term.

He says his decision is not a sudden one and hopes he's retained his core values and honesty in what he says is not always an honest profession.

Long considered the outspoken critic of Manx government, Mr Karran still believes there is much to be positive about.

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