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Positive cases from same 'cluster' - Chief Minister

Cooishyn jarrooagh veih'n un 'dossan' - Ard Shirveishagh

Howard Quayle gra dy vel coventynee ayns ard-ghaue scarrey ad hene

Ta'n ard shirveishagh er aa-hickyraghey dy vel ooilley ny prowaltyssyn Covid-19 jarrooagh ayns Ellan Vannin er y chiaghtin (gys Jeheiney 13 Mee Houney) veih'n un 'dossan'.

Va Howard Quayle loayrt 'sy chaglym s'noa rish ny meanyn er coronavirus.

AS HOWARD QUAYLE : Ny ta shin er nakin y chiaghtin shoh lesh cooishyn noa, foddee coontey giare goll er cur jeh myr 'dossan', son y chooid smoo cosoyley rish shen haghyr ayns Guernsey shiaghtin ny ghaa er dy henney, hug er y droghad aer ve castit. Agh, neu-chosoyley rish y dossan ayns Guernsey, ta shin er ve abyl dy chur enn er y vun jeh. Ny foddym shiuish y aa-hickyraghey, shen dy vel dagh cooish as dy chooilley chooish as t'er ve cronnit y chiaghtin shoh 'syn un straih dy skeaylley foddee goll er lorgey back gys peiagh ennagh troailt gys nyn Ellan t'er nymmyrkey gyn yss da y virus marish.

Ta ooilley ny coventynee ayns ard-ghaue er nyn lorgey as t'ad nish scarrey ad hene, dooyrt Mnr Quayle neesht.

Ec y traa cheddin, ta'n reiltys gra dy vel un pheiagh nish 'sy thie lheiys as Covid-19 ersyn ayns Ellan Vannin.

Va daa chooish noa er nyn vograghey magh Jerdein (12 Mee Houney), cur yn earroo ooilley cooidjagh dy chooishyn bio 'syn Ellan gys nuy.

Ta ny hoght fir elley ooilley nyn vir er-lheh ta scarrey ad hene, cha nee 'sy voodeeys.

Ta 25 fir fuirraghtyn er eiyrtyssyn, as 53 fuirraghtyn er prowaltys.


Howard Quayle says high-risk contacts isolating

The chief minister has given reassurances that all of the positive Covid-19 tests on the Isle of Man this week (to Friday 13 November) come from the same 'cluster'.

Howard Quayle was speaking at the latest coronavirus media briefing:

All of the high-risk contacts have been traced and are now self-isolating, Mr Quayle added.

Meanwhile, government says one person is now in hospital with Covid-19 on the Isle of Man.

Two new cases were announced yesterday (Thurs 12), taking the total number of active cases on the Island to nine.

The other eight are all isolated individuals, not in the community.

There are 25 people awaiting results, and 53 waiting for a test.

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