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Positive publicity for Island at festival

Soilsheydys jarrooagh son Ellan ec feailley

Cur tastey gear da Mannin, ta shen goll er-oi ec çhaglym cultooroil ayns y Vritaan.

Ta ny shlee na hoght cheead thousane dy leih goll gys Feailley Eddyr-Cheltiagh An Oriant gagh blein.

Phil Gawne, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Rushen, t'eh kionfenish cha nee myr politickeyr ny lomarcan, agh myr cloieder neesht.

Dinsh eh da Amy Griffiths dy vel ny Manninee geddyn keeall chionnit yindyssagh ec yn eailley, er yn oyr dy vel Mannin ny h-ashoon onnorit mleeaney.

Positive publicity for Island at festival

Focus on the Isle of Man continues at a cultural gathering in Brittany, France.

More than 800,000 people go to the Festival Interceltique de Lorient every year.

Rushen MHK Phil Gawne is there in a political capacity, but also as a performer.

He told Amy Griffiths how much a difference being an honoured nation has made to the Manx experience of the festival.

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