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Post Office has strike contingency plan

Plan taghyrtagh son stholk ec Oik Postagh

Julie Edge cur barrant ayn dy jean shirveishyn bunnidagh goll er jannoo car stholk

Ta caairlagh Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin credjal dy vel obbreeyn dy liooar nagh vel 'sy cheshaght cheirdey dy reayll bio shirveishyn bunnidagh car ny stholkyn 'sy chiaghtin shoh cheet.

Ren fwirran Sheshaght Cheirdey ny Obbreeyn Eddyr-Insh votal ayns foayr jeh jantys jeidjyssagh, lesh stholk daa laa skedjalit Jerdein as Jeheiney y chiaghtin shoh cheet.

Ren 93% jeusyn ren votal 'sy teiy pohlldal stholk myr freggyrt da plannyn y Reiltys dy chaghlaa kianglaghyn as conaantyn faill ny obbreeyn post.

Ta bunnys 200 ass 340 failledagh yn Oik Postagh olteynyn y heshaght cheirdey, agh ta Julie Edge OCF gra dy vel plannyn taghyrtagh ayn.

AS JULIE EDGE : Ta 140 failleydagh elley cheusthie jeh'n skimmee as ta shin cur barrant ayn myr thie dellal dy vel plannyn taghyrtagh ayn, my vees bree currit daue. S'cronnal eh, lesh stholk ayn, foddee ny olteynyn votal son stholk, agh cha nel er dagh oltey eh stholkey. Myr shoh, derrey ta fys currit dooin er ny ta'n eiyrtys, ny bee'n jantys treealit oc, ta shinyn cur barrant ayn dy bee ny plannyn taghyrtagh lajer dy liooar er-nyn-son dy hannaghtyn lesh livrey nyn shirveish bunnidagh.


Julie Edge confident core services will continue during walkout 

The chair of the Isle of Man Post Office believes the organisation has enough non-union workers to keep core services running during next week's strikes.

Communication Workers' Union staff voted in favour of industrial action, with a two-day walkout scheduled for Thursday and Friday next week.

93% of those who voted in the ballot supported strike action in response to Government plans to change the terms and conditions of employment for postal workers.

Almost 200 of the Post Office's 340 employees are members of the union, but Julie Edge MHK says contingency plans are in place.

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