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Post Office plan just 'controlled decline' says union leader

Plan yn Oik Postagh veg agh 'lhaggaghey stiurit' leeideilagh sheshaght cheirdey dy ghra

Screeuyn currit da Boayrd yn Oik Postagh coyrlaghey 'coloayrtyssyn jeean' roish stholk

Ta plan queig bleeaney soiaghey er y skimmee as cha nel veg eh agh "lhaggaghey stiurit".

Shen yn aght ta Lhiass-Screeudeyr Cadjin Postagh Sheshaght Cheirdey ny Obbreeyn Eddyr-Insh, Terry Pullinger, cur coontey jeh ny caghlaaghyn treealit son Oik Postagh yn Ellan.

Jemayrt (4oo Mee ny Nollick) ren 93% jeh olteynyn y heshaght cheirdey votal ayns foayr jeh jantys jeidjyssagh, lesh stholk daa laa skedjalit Jerdein as Jeheiney y chiaghtin shoh cheet.

Ta Caairlagh yn Oik Postagh, Julie Edge, gra dy vel ee credjal dy vel obbreeyn dy liooar nagh vel olteynyn y heshaght cheirdey dy reayll bio shirveishyn bunnidagh car stholk.

As eh loayrt ayns Mandate moghrey Jecrean (5oo Mee ny Nollick), dooyrt Mnr Pullinger dy row eh er screeu rish boayrd yn Oik Postagh lesh  cheb son three laghyn dy choloayrtyssyn jeean roish y jeantys as dooyrt eh dy row ad arryltagh dy loayrt mychione penshynyn.

AS TERRY PULLINGER : Ayns 2009, er-yn-oyr dy vel ain skeim penshyn er-lheh, ren shen caghlaaghyn da'n skeim shen. Hug shin scuirr veih obbyr magh veih 60 gys 65; ren shin cur rish rateyn bishee; ren shin caghlaa y vondeish; ren shin cur rish claare son goaill ayns laue eh, dy row toyrtyssyn yn ailleyder dy irree. Shen ooilley er ny hoilshaghey magh ayns memorandum dy hoiggalys. 

Hie shin roish ayrn elley erbee y cherroo theayagh, as hug shen shin ayns ynnyd mie, as ta'n skeim penshyn ain nish foast lane-stoyrit. Agh she, t'eh ayns feme jeh kuse dy chiartaghyn rere vondeishyn as toyrtyssyn, as ta shin er ve loayrt mychione shen. Ta shinyn gaghtey rolaue, myr ta mee er n'ghra, ta shin pragmatagh ayns cur eab er goaill shen ayns laue. 

Agh she'n shassooaght shoh dy vel feme er dooney eh da toshiaghteyryn noa, cooish rere principle dy chur eab er stiurey toshiaghteyryn stiagh ayns kiarail phenshyn neu-freggyrtagh dy bollagh. As nee'n costys jeh shen goll er eeck ayns bleeantyn s'anmey tra ta obbreeyn eu nagh vel abyl dy scuirr veih obbyr lesh ooashley as sauchys.


Letter sent to PO Board proposing 'intense talks' ahead of strike

A five year plan which attacks the workforce and is just "controlled decline"

That's how Deputy General Secretary Postal of the Communcation Workers Union, Terry Pullinger, describes the changes being proposed for the Islands Post Office.

On Tuesday (4th December) 93% of union members voted in favour of industrial action, with a two-day walkout scheduled for Thursday and Friday next week.

Chair of the Post Office, Julie Edge, says she believes there are enough non-union workers to keep core services running during any strike action.

Speaking on Mandate on Wednesday morning (5th December), Mr Pullinger said he had written to the Post Office board offering three days of intense talks ahead of the action and stated that they were prepared to discuss pensions

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