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Post Office prepares to modernise

Oik Postagh aarlaghey dy yannoo noa-emshiragh

Treealtys dy gholl roish Tinvaal Jerrey Fouyir

Ta treisht ec Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin dy yannoo noa-emshiragh e hirveishyn.

Ny s'anmey 'sy vee shoh, nee'n shirveish phost shirrey coardail Tinvaal dy chormal rish ny t'eh cheet er myr 'aggyrtyn caghlaa ny custymeyryn echey ayns lhing vun-earrooagh'.  

Mastey ny bun-eieyn ta goll er cur roish son sur-smooinaghtyn, by vie lesh Julie Edge OCF as Caairlagh Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin, jannoo shickyr dy vel 96% dy chummaltee yn Ellan cummal cheusthie jeh three meeilaghyn veih ynnyd entreil shirveishyn son shirveishyn post, fer ayns dagh rheynn reihys.

Ta Bnr Edge jeeaghyn neesht son caaghyn dy chur shirveishyn myn-chreck noa, raad vees shen fondagh veih'n cheu argidoil.

Nee'n treealtys goll roish Tinvaal y vee shoh.


Movement to go before Tynwald in October 

The Isle of Man Post Office hopes to modernise its services.

Later this month, the postal service will seek Tynwald approval to adapt to, what it describes as 'the changing demands of its customers in a digital age'.

Among the principles being put forward for consideration, Julie Edge MHK and Chairman of the Isle of Man Post Office, wants to ensure 96% of Island residents live within three miles of a service access point for postal services, one in each constituency.

Ms Edge is also looking for opportunities to provide new retail services, where financially viable.

The movement is go before Tynwald this month.

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