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Poverty needs defining, says Speaker

Feme er cur y bun er boghtynys, ta'n Loayreyder dy ghra

Bing Tinvaal ronsaghey boghtynys ayns Ellan Vannin neayr's 2018

Roish my oddys Ellan Vannin goaill ayns laue boghtynys, ta feme er bun kiart y chur er yn ockle.

Shen barel Loayreyder yn Chiare as Feed Juan Watterson.

'Sy vlein 2018 hug Mnr Watterson eam son bing reiht Tinvaal dy ronsaghey y chooish.

As eh loayrt ayns Linney Vannin Radio Vannin, dooyrt eh lurg obbyr blein as tuarastyl 500-duillag, dy by chronnal eh dy nee lane-femoil eh feddyn magh ny ta bun y voghtynys ayns rieughid.

AS JUAN WATTERSON : Ta shin er chur roish moylley dy lhisagh shin eiyrt er saase Barrantys y Towshanagh Sheshoil dy chur y bun er yn eaghtyr shen dy voghtynys. Cha nee saase neu-chramp eh dy eiyrt er, agh er-lhiam dy jean eh cur dooin reayrt ooilley-goaill jeh quoid dy leih ayns rieughid vees baghey fo ny veagh, er-lhiam, ymmodee jin smooinaghtyn dy ve eaghtyr y voghtynys. 


Tynwald committee looking into povety on Isle of Man since 2018

Before the Isle of Man can tackle poverty, the term needs to be properly defined.

That's the view of Speaker of the House of Keys Juan Watterson.

In 2018 Mr Watterson called for a Tynwald select committee to look into the issue.

Speaking on Manx Radio's Mannin Line, he said after a year's work and a 500-page report, it's clear working out what poverty actually means is essential:

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