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Praise for Southern Agricultural Show entries

Moylley beiyn ec Taishbynys Eirinagh y Jiass

Taishbynys Eirinagh y Jiass, hayrn eh thousaneyn dy leih gys y Lheeanee Vooar ayns Balley Chashtal ec y jerrey shiaghtin.

Marish y eunysseyrys as ny tayrnyssyn, she taishbynys mooar v'ayn son y chooid share jeh sthock as troar yn Ellan.

Ga dy row drogh earish ayn Jedoonee, hug thousaneyn dy leih shilley er y Lheeanee Vooar.

Peter Quayle, shellooder y Vaagh Share nurree, dinsh eh da John Kennagh dy hannee yn whallid ec leval ard, as voyll eh dy mooar y cosneyder mleeaney - oasht Huffolk s'lesh y lught-thie Kermode ass Orrisdale.

Praise for Southern Agricultural Show entries

The Southern Agricultural Show attracted thousands to Great Meadow in Castletown over the weekend.

Apart from the entertainments and attractions, it was a big showcase for the very best in Island livestock and produce.

Thousands of people braved the weather at the weekend at the weekend to visit the showground.

Peter Quayle, the owner of last year's Supreme Champion, told John Kennaugh the quality remained high, and was full of praise for this year's winner - a Suffolk ewe owned by the Kermode family from Orrisdale.

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