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Preparations for Big Beat drumathon going well

Ta cooishyn goll dy mie ry-hoi ve aarloo son y drumathon Builley Mooar

Fir-reaghee ta gobbraghey dy ve aarloo son immeeaght feer vooar drummeragh syn Ellan, t'ad gra dy vel cooishyn goll dy mie.

Ta Martin Rigby gra dy vel cooney veih'n theay as tooilley barrantys er chooney lesh Builley Mooar Feed Cheead as Shiaght-Jeig dy mooar, as er lowal da ny drummeyderyn cur geill smoo da troggal argid.

Nee shey drummeyderyn drummeragh son ny shlee na lieh-cheead oor, dy hroggal argid son Undinys Heartstrong Chraig.

Nee yn 'drumathon' taghyrt y chiarroo laa as feed Toshiaght Arree ec Villa Marina, lesh pohlldal Phokerstars as Align 4 Life, fir-lhee-olt ynnydagh.

Ta Mnr Rigby gra, cho leah as vees ny drummeyderyn cur toshiaght da cloie, foddee ad goaill fea fy-yerrey.

Preparations for Big Beat drumathon going well

Organisers of a marathon drumming event in the Island say preparations are going well.

Martin Rigby says support from the community and added sponsorship have helped the Big Beat 2017 enormously, allowing the drummers to focus on fund raising.

The event will feature six percussionists drumming for over 50 hours to raise money for Craig's Heartstrong Foundation.

The 'drumathon', whch takes place on February 24 at the Villa Marina, is being supported by Pokerstars, and local chiropractors Align 4 Life.

Mr Rigby says once the drummers start to play, they can finally relax.

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