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Private Tynwald briefings 'need to be reviewed'

'Feme er scrutaghey' seshoonyn insh Tinvaal fo chlea

Fer toshee eddyr-insh yn reiltys roish nish cur feysht mychione aght t'ayn nish lurg Seyrnys Fysseree

Ta fer toshee eddyr-insh yn reiltys roish nish cur feysht vel seshoonyn insh fo chlea son olteynyn Tinvaal jannoo mee-vaghtal y cagliagh eddyr yn reiltys as yn ard-whaiyl.

Ren Alistair Ramsay cur stiagh er y gherrid aghin rere Seyrsnys Fysseree briaght quoid seshoon insh v'er nyn gummal ec yn lught-reill shoh, as cre va ny cooishyn my-nyn-gione va goll er loayrt.

Agh, v'eh er ny insh da nagh voddagh yn fys shoh ve rheynnit er yn theay.

Foddee ymmyd ve jeant jeh lheid ny seshoonyn dy loayrt mychione cooishyn reaghit son resooney magh ayns Tinvaal roish soie theayagh.

Ta Mnr Ramsay smooinaghtyn nagh vel yn aght t'ayn nish freggyrtagh. 

AS ALISTAIR RAMSAY : Va yindys dy liooar aym tra haink yn freggyrt er ash veih'n Chleragh Tinvaal nagh row ad soilshaghey magh veg dy ys er chor erbee mychione ny seshoonyn insh shoh: cha nee eer ny cooishyn my-nyn-gione va goll er loayrt, er yn oyr dy row eh fys slane dollit magh rere Seyrsnys Fysseree, er yn oyr dy row ooilley ny seshoonyn insh shoh follit, as va shen ooilley paart jeh ard-chied Tinvaal. 

Agh she'n feysht eh: cre'n fa nagh rheynn ooilley yn ys mie shen er yn theay? Cre foddee vees ayns shen ayns coloayrtys mychione polasee ny slattys, vees cho brishtagh nagh vod oo rheynn eh er y theay? 


Former gov't communications head questions current system following Freedom of Information

A former head of government communications is questioning whether private briefings for Tynwald members blurs the lines between government and parliament.

Alistair Ramsay recently submitted a Freedom of Information request asking how many briefings this administration has held, and what topics were discussed.

However, he was told this information can't be shared with the public.

Such briefings can be used to discuss issues due for debate in Tynwald prior to the public sitting.

Mr Ramsay doesn't think the current system works:

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