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Professor 'impressed' with IoM climate response

Olloo 'jannoo mooar' jeh freggyrt EV er emshyraght

Ren James Curran tuarastyl jantys neu-chrogheydagh son Ellan ayns 2019

Ta'n ughtar jeh tuarastyl vees coyrlaghey da'n reiltys er saaseyn oddys eh cooilleeney net-neunhee liorish 2050 gra dy vel eh 'jannoo mooar' jeh'n obbyr t'er ny ghoaill ayns laue choud's nish.

Va'n Olloo James Curran er ny phointeil myr yn caairlagh neu-chrogheydagh dy yannoo tuarastyl jantys er yn emshyraght son yn Ellan ayns 2019.

Ta'n dean jeh dy chur coontey jeh targadyn son yn aght nee Ellan Vannin cosney gys naeearaght liorish yn laa jerrinagh.

Ta'n Olloo Curran er ve ec Co-choyrle COP26 er yn Emshyraght ayns Glasgow, as ta chaghteryn Vannin er ve kionefenish.

AS YN OLLOO CURRAN : Er-lhiam dy nee yindyssagh eh dy vel Ellan Vannin sthie ayns shen, ayns yn cho-haglym eddyr-ashoonagh shen, soilshaghey magh yn obbyr ta goll er oaie dy tappee cheusthie jeh Ellan Vannin, as s'baghtal eh, er-lhiam dy vel palchey ec Ellan Vannin er-lheh dy hebbal. Er-lhiam dy vel palchey ec Ellan Vannin dy chur, as echey neesht ta palchey oddys eh dy ynsaghey veih fir elley ec co-haglym gollrish shoh.  


James Curran produced independent action report for Island in 2019

The author of a report which advises government on the ways it can achieve net-zero by 2050 says he's been 'impressed' by the work undertaken here so far.

Professor James Curran was appointed as the independent chair to produce a climate action report for the Island in 2019.

Its aim is to detail targets for how the Isle of Man will get to carbon neutrality by the deadline.

Professor Curran has been at the COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow, which Manx delegates have been attending:

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