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Programme for Government approved by Tynwald

Claare son Reiltys coardit ec Tinvaal

Ta cummey jeh claare son reiltys er ny choardail lesh un aigney ec Tinvaal.

T'eh goaill stiagh reayn dy h-aghtyn dy ghreinnaghey aase tarmaynagh, goaill stiagh caghlaaghyn ayns coarys ny kiedyn-obbyr, aachummaghyn jeh'n choarys-plannal, as strateish noa son ynsagh.

Chammah as shen, bee seyrsnys-fysseree er ny rowlal magh harrish ooilley ny rheynnyn-reiltys - daa vee yeig roish yn skedjal.

Hed mynphointyn er cur stiagh sy chlaare roish resoonaght ayns Jerrey Geuree.

Programme for Government approved by Tynwald

The framework of a programme for government has been unanimously approved by Tynwald.

It includes a range of measures to encourage economic growth, including changes to the work permit system, reforms to the planning system and a new education strategy.

Freedom of information will also be rolled out across all government departments next year - 12 months ahead of schedule.

Detail will now be added to the programme ahead of a debate in January.

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