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Progress being made in talks says Post Office Chief Executive

Goll er oaie ve jeant ayns coloayrtyssyn, ta Ard Sheckter yn Oik Postagh dy ghra

Treealtyssyn elley ve currit roish ec sheshaght cheirdey y kione shiaghtin shoh

Ta Ard Sheckter yn Oik Postagh gra dy vel y Boayrd fuirraghtyn dy yeeaghyn er treealtyssyn noi veih Sheshaght cheirdey ny Hobbreeyn Eddyr-Insh.

Va Simon Kneen loayrt lurg laa dy lieh jeh ny hug eh coontey jeu myr resoonaghtyn "jeean dy liooar" rish barganeyderyn y Heshaght cheirdey as Terry Pullinger leeideil ad.

T'eh reaghit dy jean obbreeyn y Heshaght cheirdey cummal stholk three laghyn veih'n nah Jerdein, ayns argane ta goll er mychione aa-chummaghyn da argid faill as pensionyn.

Va'n treealtys s'noa veih'n Oik Postagh er ny yiooldey liorish y cheshaght cheirdey ayns chaglym fastyr beg Jecrean, agh ta Mnr Kneen credjal dy vel ad goll er oaie.

AS SIMON KNEEN :  Ta barganey er ve goll er rish tammylt nish, myr shoh ta shin er aa-heeley ny treealtyssyn ain kuse dy cheayrtyn, myr shoh, er-lhiam dy vel shin goll er oaie. Er-lhiam dy beagh cairagh eh gra dy row resoonaght vreeoil jarrooagh er dagh cheu, agh ta neu-choardailyssyn foast ayn, as s'cronnal eh dy vel mish jeean dy hoiggal veih ny olteynyn cre vees ny barellyn ocsyn er nyn dreealtys, as cre'n aght vees freggyrt da shen ayns nyn dreealtys noi – cha nel fys aym foast.


Further proposals being made by CWU this weekend

The Chief Executive of the Post Office says the Board is waiting to see counter proposals from the Communication Workers Union.

Simon Kneen was speaking following a day and a half of what he described as "fairly intense" discussions with CWU negotiators led by Terry Pullinger.

Union workers are due to stage a three day strike from next Thursday, in an ongoing dispute over pay and pension reforms.

The latest proposal from the Post Office was rejected by the union at a meeting on Wednesday night, but Mr Kneen says he believes they are making progress.

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