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Public concerned about rising cost of living

Theay boirit mychione costys bea vees gyrjaghey

As ta'n ard shirveishagh goaill rish dy nee 'kesmad jiooldagh' elley eh

Ta eabyn dy choadey adsyn ayns gaue as adsyn 'gyn fastee' argidoil roish coontyssyn lectraghys vees gyrjaghey fo raad.

Ta Coonceil ny Shirveishee sur-smooinaghtyn er yn aght share dy phohlldal sleih as yn eiyrtys smoo orroo tra vees taillaghyn er nyn seiy seose liorish 30 per cent.

Ta'n ard shirveishagh, Alfred Cannan, er chur coontey jeh'n vishaghey myr 'kesmad jiooldagh' elley 'sy chostys bea – t'eh cheet lurg bishaghyn ayns gas as lurg leaghyn son conney vees troggal orroo.


And chief minister admits it's another 'negative step'

Efforts to protect the vulnerable and those who are financially 'exposed' from rising electricity bills are underway.

The Council of Ministers is considering how best to support people who will be most affected when prices are hiked by 30 per cent.

The chief minister has described the increase as another 'negative step' in the cost of living – it comes after increases in gas and climbing fuel prices.

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