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Public Health boss 'welcomes' move to Cabinet Office

Fer toshee Slaynt y Theay 'goltaghey' goll gys Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee

'Keim elley ayns straih liauyr'

Ta Stiureyder Slaynt y Theay gra dy vel ee goltaghey yn eie jeh'n fo-rheynn eck scughey stiagh ayns Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee.

Va'n scughey currit roish ayns fer jeh ny moyllaghyn jeh tuarastyl y Reejerey Jonathan Michael er cummey kiarail slaynt yn Ellan – as ooilley jeusyn er nyn soiaghey jeh liorish Tinvaal.

Ta Slaynt y Theay er n'gholl trooid traa dy ve jeant noa-emshyraght rish ny kiare bleeaney shoh chaie as ta'n Fer Lhee Henrietta Ewart gra dy vel shoh "er chur feme er kuse dy chaghlaaghyn ersooyl veih'n aght va reddyn goll er livrey roie."

Tra v'eh brieit jee nee'n scughey jannoo ny smoo currym y fo-rheynn, dooyrt yn Fer Lhee Ewart dy vel eh ny smoo myr keim ayns straih s'lhiurey.

AS HENRIETTA EWART : Ayns aght t'eh beggan lhiettalagh dy ve cheusthie jeh SKT [Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay] er-yn-oyr dy vel shin fakinit gyn smooinaght myr ayrn jeh shirveishyn slaynt as kiarail, myr shoh, marish red erbee elley, ayns rieughid nee cur cowrey noa orrin ynrican cooney lhien dy yannoo toshiaght er aght noa dy obbraghey. Myr shoh er-lhiam dy jean eh jus cur ablid dooin dy gholl seose keim elley ayns ny ta shin dy yannoo liorish scughey stiagh ayns Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee.


'Another step in a long process'

The Director of Public Health says she welcomes the prospect of her department moving into the Cabinet Office.

The move was touted in one of the recommendations from Sir Jonathan Michael's report on the Island's healthcare model - all of which were accepted by Tynwald.

Public Health has undergone a period of modernisation over the past four years and Dr Henrietta Ewart says this "has required some changes from how things used to be delivered previously."

When asked if the shift will expand the department's remit, Dr Ewart said it's more just another step in a longer process:

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