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Quayle delight with Brexit guarantees

Eunys ec Quayle lesh barrantys er Brexit

Cochianglys rish Unnaneys Oarpagh dy hannaghtyn ayn trooid starr

Ta'n Ard Shirveishagh er chur failt er naight dy jean Mannin cummal seose y chochianglys t'yn nish rish yn Unnaneys Oarpagh choud's ta'n clane starr Brexit goll er feaysley.

Ren Howard Quayle cheet quail e cho-pharteeasyn ass Guernsey as Jersey as Fo-Screeudeyr Ard-Whaiylagh y Steat ayns Rheynn Faagail Unnaneys Oarpagh y Reeriaght Unnaneysit Robin Walker OAW ayns Lunnin Jelune.

T'eh gennaghtyn dy nee scanshoil ta ny chaglymyn gagh raiee.

Ta Mnr Quayle gra dy vel y choardail jannoo seose naight mie son sleih t'er reih dy obbraghey 'syn Ellan:-

AS MNR QUAYLE : Ta coardailys ain nish: myr sampleyr, dy vel fys ain dy jean ashoonee yn Unnaneys Oarpagh ta baghey ayns Mannin geddyn yn shickyrys v'ad shirrey - croghey er nyn aarys queig bleeaney, dy bee yn chied ry gheddyn oc dy hannaghtyn ayns Mannin ny 'sy Reeriaght Unnaneysit, myr shoh shen vondeish mooar. Ta fys ain, rish yn traa t'ayn, dy vel Mannin goit stiagh ayns ooilley ny coardailyn eddyr yn daa hraa as ta'n RU ayn, as dy vod Protocol 3 freayll goll.

Quayle delight with Brexit guarantees

Relationship with EU to continue during process

The Chief Minister has welcomed news the Isle of Man will retain its current relationship with the EU while the whole Brexit process is worked out.

Howard Quayle met his counterparts from Guernsey and Jersey and the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the UK Exiting the European Union Department Robin Walker MP in London on Monday.

He feels the quarterly meetings are important.

Mr Quayle says the agreement is good news for people who have chosen to work on the Island:-


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