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Ramsey elects two new Commissioners

Rhumsaa reih daa Varrantagh noa

Monk as Howard ec kione y teiy

Hooar Barrantee Balley Rhumsaa daa oltey noa Jerdein (19oo Jerrey Souree).

Va un Varrantagh noa reiht da dagh jeh'n daa Ard ayns Rhumsaa.

Va George Monk, ta ny haaue myr Screeudeyr Colught, reiht da Ard Twoaie y valley.

Hooar eh barriaght er Lon Pinkerton liorish 301 vote gys 210, as nee eh shirveishagh rish yn ayrn er-mayrn jeh imbagh kiare bleeaney nagh vel ceaut, vees cheet gys jerrey 30 Mee Averil 2020.

'Syn Ard Jiass, va Ard Oaseir yn Aegid Nigel Peter Howard ec kione y teiy, as neesht dy hannaghtyn ayn derrey 2020.

Hooar eh barriaght er shirreyder y Phartee Glass Daniel Murray Alfred Webb liorish 248 vote gys 169.


Monk and Howard top of the polls

Ramsey Town Commissioners got two new members on Thursday (19th July).

One new Commissioner was elected to each of Ramsey's two Wards.

George Monk, a retired Company Secretary, was elected to the town's North Ward.

He defeated Lon Pinkerton by 301 votes to 210, and will serve for the remainder of an unexpired four year term, which ends on 30 April 2020.

In the South Ward, Principal Youth Officer Nigel Peter Howard topped the poll, also to stand until 2020.

He defeated Green Party candidate Daniel Murray Alfred Webb by 248 votes to 169.

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