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Ramsey marina positives must outweigh negatives says Manx Wildlife Trust

Shegin da reddyn jarrooagh marina Rhumsaa ve ny strimmey na reddyn jiooldagh, ta Treisht

Sheshaght ghiastyllagh jeean dy haghney eiyrtys jiooldagh beayn er chymmyltaght

Ta sheshaght ghiastyllagh ynnydoil gra dy begin da ny reddyn jarrooagh ve ny strimmey na ny reddyn jiooldagh my vees treealtyssyn son marina Rhumsaa dy gholl er y hoshiaght.

Ta Treisht Bea Feie Vannin jeean dy akin dy vel slane sess yn eiyrtys er y chymmyltaght cooilleenit, dy yannoo briwnys er yn aght yinnagh y shalee bentyn rish y chymmyltaght ynnydoil.

Ta'n cheshaght shassoo er dy lhisagh failt ve currit er eieyn noa as argid baiht, agh by vie lesh jannoo shickyr nagh jean y lhiassaghey cur eiyrtys jiooldagh vees tannaghtyn ayn er ny ta mygeayrt-y-mysh.

Ta Tim Graham, Ard Sheckter yn treisht, gra dy nee neu-vaghtal eh ec y traa t'ayn cre'n aght yinnagh ny plannyn bentyn rish yn ard:

AS TIM GRAHAM : S'doillee eh ve shickyr er y chied hilley, toiggal dy kiart cre ny reddyn chymmyltaghtagh t'ayns shen, cha nee ynrican ayns cowrey coshey jeeragh y lhiassaghey nee cheet magh, t'ou toiggal, veih cheu ny marrey, stiagh 'syn ard coadit ny marrey, agh neesht, cre'n sorch dy eiyrtys oddagh ve jeant.

Oddys shen ve red erbee veih, t'ou toiggal, caghlaaghyn da geo-chummey slyst ny marrey as eiyrtyssyn er oayllyn seose neose y choose, gys ny caghlaaghyn hene, ayns aght, oddagh cur eiyrtys cheusthie jeh, ayns aght, oayll s'lhea benthagh ny marrey as reddyn neesht.


Charity keen to avoid lasting negative impact on environment

A local charity says the positives must outweigh the negatives for the Ramsey marina proposals to go ahead.

The Manx Wildlife Trust is keen to see a full impact assessment carried out, to determine how the project would affect the local environment.

The organisation insists new ideas and investment should be welcomed, but wants to ensure the development won't have a lasting negative effect on its surroundings.

Tim Graham, the CEO of the trust, says it's unclear at the moment how the plans would impact the area:

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