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Reminder to join electoral register

Cur ayns cooinaghtyn dy ve er yn recortys reihyssagh

Mannagh vel oo er yn recortys reihyssagh, ta'n traa roie magh dhyt ymmyd y yannoo jeh dty chiart dy votal.

She Jeheiney shoh çheet, yn hoghtoo laa jeig Mee Vayrnt, y laa s'jerree oddys oo çheet dy ve er yn recortys reihyssagh as goaill ayrn ayns ny reihyssyn lught-reill ynnydagh ayns Mee Averil.

Chammah as shen, my t'ou er yn recortys, oddys oo goll er symney son shirveish-vingey as sharaghey dty skensh-daill.

Foddee peiagh erbee ta ny shinney na shey-jeig goll er yn recortys - ta ferrym ry-gheddyn trooid ynnyd-eggey yn reiltys ec gov.im.

Della Fletcher, offishear-recortyssee yn reiltys, hoilshee ish magh yn oyr dy vel eh scanshoil shen y yannoo.

Reminder to join electoral register

Time is running out to exercise your right to vote.

The last chance to be placed on the electoral register and participate in April's local authority elections is next Friday, March 18.

Being on the register can also make you eligible for jury service and improve your credit score.

Anyone over the age of 16 can join the register - you can request a form via the government's website gov.im.

Government Registration Officer Della Fletcher explained why it's important to do so.

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