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Response anticipated in exam error

Freggyrt jerkit rish er marran lesh scrutaght

Studeyryn er nyn moylley liorish Ard Er Ynsee

Ta'n scoill Vanninagh, ec mean y varran mychione syllabus Lettyraght Vaarlagh, gra dy vel treisht eck geddyn freggyrt veih'n voayrd scrutee er-lheh liorish jerrey y hiaghtin.
Hooar paitchyn magh, er soie sheese dy yannoo ayrn jeh'n phabyr Drama oc, dy row studeyrys er ve jeant oc er yn teks neu-chiart.

Ta Ard Er Ynsee Scoill Ard Cashtal Rushen, Keith Winstanley, er screeu rish ooilley ny studeyryn goit seose, as eh dyn moylley son streeu rish stayd doolaneagh, ny, t'eh dy ghra, va dy bollagh ass yn smaght ocsyn.

T'eh goll er dy ghra dy vel eh gennaghtyn feer voyrnagh ass ny studeyryn. Liorish streeu rish, ren ad ymmyd jeh schleiyn hooar ad trooid traa dy chur freggyrt da doilleeid va dy bollagh neu-yerkit.

T'eh gra dy vel 75% jeh'n choorse lettyraght as nagh vel ny doilleeidyn jannoo er shen.  
Ta'n scoill er n'ghoaill ree dy row lheeish va'n foill.

Response anticipated in exam error

Students commended by Head teacher

The Manx school, at the centre of a error over an English Literature syllabus, says they hope to have a response from the exam board involved by the end of the week.

Children, sitting down to take a component of their Drama paper, discovered they had been studying the wrong text.The Head teacher of Castle Rushen, Keith Winstanley, has written to all students involved, commending them for coping with a challenging situation, which, he says, was entirely beyond their control.

He goes on to say he feels immensely proud of the students. In coping, they used skills they had acquired over time to respond to a completely unforeseen problem.

He points out that 75% of the literature course is not affected by the problems.The school has admitted the error was down to them.

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