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Retailers rely on December sales

Mynchreckeyderyn croghey er saaylyn Vee ny Nollick

Ga dy vel shappal er-linney foast gaase, ta mynchreckeyder Ellanagh gra nagh vel cliaghtaghyn-shappal er chaghlaa cho wheesh as smooinagh oo, foddee.

Ta Stephen Bradley ny chaairliagh jeh bing-vynchreck yn Çheshaght Ghellal.
Myr ta lught-kionnee ny Nollick cruinnaghey er ny shappyn y vee shoh, ta Mnr Bradley gra dy jean dellal foast bishaghey.

Retailers rely on December sales

An Island retailer says shopping habits haven't changed as much as you might think, with the growing popularity of online shopping.

Stephen Bradley is the chairman of the retail committee of the Chamber of Commerce.

As Christmas shoppers hit the stores this month, Mr Bradley says business will continue to thrive.

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