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Review sets course for social services

Ta scrutaght soie coorse son shirveishyn sheshoil

Tuarastyl lhean jeh shirveishyn sheshoil son paitçhyn as lughtyn-thie, v'eh er ny resooney ayns Tinvaal yn çhiaghtin shoh.

Ta'n tuarastyl er ny chur ry-cheilley ec bing cooishyn sheshoil Tinvaal - ta ny shlee ny hoght feed duillag ayn.

Ta Coonseil ny Shirveishee er ghoaill rish ooilley ny nuy moyllaghyn t'eh cur roish.

Ta shirveishyn sheshoil er nyn nreinnaghey dy hickyraghey dy vel gagh oltey jeh'n skimmee toiggal y preeu-dean-kiarail: cummal lughtyn-thie ry-cheilley.

T'eh grait rish rheynn ny paitçhyn as lughtyn-thie dy lhisagh ad goltaghey plaiyntyn veih lughtyn-thie, as dy lhisagh ad dellal roo dy jarrooagh.

Hug y ving cuirrey da'n theay dy chur feanish mychione yn aght va obbreeyn sheshoil dellal roo (kyndagh rish boirey mychione yn aght va paart dy scrutaghtyn kiarail paitçhey jeant).

Ta Daphne Caine, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Garff, ny Feniagh son Paitçhyn.Adsyn haink rish, hug ad feanish pooaral, t'ee gra.

Review sets course for social services

A far-reaching report on social services for children and families in the Island was debated in Tynwald this week.It's been compiled by pariiament's social affairs committee, and runs to more than 160 pages.

All nine of its recommendations have been accepted by the Council of Ministers.Social services have been urged to ensure all staff understand their care aim: to keep families together.

The Children and Families division has been told it should welcome complaints from families, and deal with them positively.

The committee invited members of the public to give evidence about the way they were treated by social workers (amid concerns over the way some child care investigations were carried out).Garff MHK Daphne Caine is the government's Children's Champion.

She says those who came forward gave powerful testimony.

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