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Ronaldsway routes 'not up to government'

Coorseyn Runnysvie : 'cha nel shen son y reiltys'

OCF goltaghey shirveish elley gys Lunnin Southend

Cha nel eh son y reiltys dy yannoo briwnys cre ny coorseyn ta lhuingyssyn aer kiarail son Ellan Vannin.

Shen barel yn oltey politickagh as currym ersyn son Runnysvie lurg da Flybe fograghey magh dy jean eh reaghey etleeyn elley gys Lunnin Southend.

Ta Tim Baker OCF credjal dy vel eh soilshaghey magh dy vel y polasee 'speyryn seyrey' speeideilagh, as dy vel eh cur tooilley reih er-nyn-son ta geearree troailt gys Lunnin, gys East Anglia as gys buill sodjey.

AS TIM BAKER : Er-lhiam dy bee anaasagh eh fakin yn aght ta shoh goll, er yn oyr, yiarrin, dy nee ynnyd kianglee eh gys cheu hiar Lunnin, stiagh ayns East Anglia, as stiagh ayns metropolis Lunnin hene. Myr shoh er-lhiam dy vel eh cur tooilley da ny v'ain, as dy nee lhiasaghey shoh ta shin goltaghey. Er-lhiam reesht dy vel eh soilshaghey y polasee 'speyryn seyrey' ain gobbraghey, dy vel kiaraileyder ain as t'eh credjal dy vel caa traghtee ayn liorish cur coorse elley gys Ellan Vannin, as nee mayd fakin raad t'eh goll.


MHK welcomes addition of London Southend service 

It's not for government to decide which routes airlines provide for the Isle of Man.

That's the view of the political member with responsibility for Ronaldsway after Flybe announced it's to add flights to London Southend.

Tim Baker MHK believes it shows the "open skies" policy is working, and offers further choice for those wanting to travel to London, East Anglia and further afield.


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