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‘Savings and reserves’ keep Onchan’s rates low

‘Argid tashtee as argid freillt' cummal injil keesh thie Chonnaghyn

Barrantagh soilshaghey magh saaseyn bentyn rish yn chlaare argidoil

Ta cochiangle dy argid tashtee as argid freillt sunt er chooney dy chummal injil rateyn Barrantee Connaghyn, rere oltey leeideilagh y lught-reill er cooishyn argidoil.

V'eh fogrit magh er y gherrid dy jinnagh ny rateyn bishaghey liorish jees per cent, gys 318 ping 'sy phunt.

Ta Robin Turton gra dy jean y bishaghey cooney lesh ny barrantee dy 'chummal rish', as dy eeck costyssyn ooilley jerkit 'sy vlein argidoil shoh cheet.

Va ny rateyn freillt gyn caghlaa liorish y lught-reill ynnydoil 'sy vlein 2018, as ayns ny three bleeaney shoh chaie t'ad er nirree 1.6 per cent.

Vrie Naighteyr er Deynlaght Ynnydoil Ewan Gawne jeh Mnr Turton dy hoilshaghey magh yn aght t'eh er jeet lesh ny brrantee cummal cho injil ny rateyn.

AS MNR TURTON : Ta argid freillt sunt dy liooar ain ec y traa t'ayn, as v'eh goll er ennaghtyn ec olteynyn dy row eh ny chaa dy chur paart yn argid freillt er-ash gys pobble Connaghyn, t'er chymsaghey yn argid. T'eh er jeet lhien dy mooar, cummal sheese ny costyssyn sthie ain hene, as y chochiangle jeh nyn yees lesh bishaghey jees per cent cur lesh shin gys rate ta geeck son ooilley.

Cha nel eh lowal frea dy vondeish, nagh vel shin ayns shoh dy chooilleeney, agh ta'n bun jeh dy vel shin credjal dy vod mayd eeck ooilley ny coontaghyn ain, ooilley ny costyssyn ain, son y daa vee jeig ry heet er jees per cent.


Commissioner explains budgetary approach

A combination of savings and healthy reserves have helped keep Onchan Commissioners rates low, according to the authority’s lead member for finance.

It was announced recently the rates would go up two per cent, to 318 pence in the pound.

Robin Turton says the rise will help the commissioners ‘hold even’, and pay all costs anticipated in the next financial year.

Rates were frozen by the local authority in 2018, and over the last three years have risen 1.6 per cent.

Local Democracy Reporter Ewan Gawne asked Mr Turton to explain how the commissioners have managed to keep the rates so low.

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