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Sayle Gallery could close after funding is slashed

Oddagh Galleree Sayle goll er dooney kyndagh rish giarrey argid

Oddagh Galleree Ellyn Sayle er Shooylaghan Ghoolish goll er dooney erreish, da v'er gheddyn naightyn dy jed yn argid er e hon er giarrey.

Tayrnee Coonseil ny h-Ellynyn sheear faggys da tree feed as jeih sy cheead jeh argid-pohlldal y Ghalleree veih Mee Averil shoh çheet.

Y Caairliagh jeh boayrd Ghaleree Sayle, Damien Ciappelii, t'eh gra dy row lught y Ghalleree smooinaghtyn dy beagh yn argid-pohlldal goll er leodaghey ayns kesmadyn harrish paart dy vleeantyn - cha nee goaill sheear sym mooar dy doaltattym.

As eshyn toiggal dy vel argid-pohlldal Choonseil ny h-Ellynyn er ny leodaghey, s'doillee da'n Ghalleree troggal argid dy liooar dy chummal goll er-oi fegooish pohlldal.

Caairliagh Choonseil ny h-Ellynyn, Oltey jeh'n Choonseil Slattyssagh Geoff Corkish, t'eh gra, ga vel eh meefortunagh, cha nel y Galleree ny lomarcan as eh ayns stayd treih myr shoh.

Agh t'eh credjal nagh vod y Choonseil cairyssaghey baihaghey tooilley argid.
Ta Mnr Ciappelli gra dy row Galleree Sayle currit er bun kyndagh rish y Strateish Ellyn Ashoonagh, myr galleree ellyn co-emshiragh ashoonagh - ayrn ta'n Galleree er chooilleeney neayr's feed cheead as hoght.

Ta caghlaa dy strateish goll er aarlaghey, as ta Mnr Ciappelli credjal dy voddagh shoh ve currit ayns gaue, er y fa dy vel eh jeeaghyn nagh voddagh y Galleree goaill ayrn ayn.

Leodaghey yn argid-pohlldal, s'cosoylagh dy jean shen leeideil myrgeddin gys geddyn rey rish claare yn Ellyneyr Sthie.

Sayle Gallery could close after funding is slashed

The future of the Sayle Art Gallery on Douglas Promenade could be in jeopardy after it received notification that funding is to be slashed.

The Arts Council is to withdraw almost 70 percent of its backing from next April.

Chairman of the board of Sayle Gallery, Damian Ciappelli, says it was their understanding there was to be a phased reduction to funding over a number of years - not a sudden withdrawal of such a large amount.

Whilst he recognises the Arts Council itself has seen its budget reduced, it's difficult for the gallery to raise enough money to continue operating without the support.

Chairman of the Arts Council, MLC Geoff Corkish, says while unfortunate, the gallery's plight is not an isolated one.

But he believes the council cannot justify continued investment.

Mr Ciappeli says the gallery was a product of the current National Arts Strategy which provided a national contemporary art gallery - a role the Sayle has fulfilled since 2008.

A replacement strategy is being prepared and Mr Ciappeli believes this could be prejudiced as it seems the gallery would be unable to play a part.

The reduction of the funding will also lead to the likely loss of the Artist in Residence programme.

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