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Sea route decision won't be rushed

Cha bee driss currit er roshtyn briwnys mychione kiangley-marrey

Ta'n ard-shirveishagh gra nagh bee Coonseil ny Shirveishee eignit coardail dy tappee rish çheb yn Phaggad Bree.

Ta'n colught gra dy jean y çheb cooney lesh cur eddin rish boiraghyn nagh vod eh dellal rish earrooyn mooarey dy hroailtee ec traa yn TT.

Agh cha nhione foast myn-phointyn yn çheb.

Shoh ny lurg da'n cholught noa pointit dy chur y TT er e hoshiaght, Vision Nine, v'er ghra dy jinnagh eh bishaghey dy mooar ny h-earrooyn jeusyn harragh dy yeeaghyn er y TT as y TT Classicagh ayns ny jeih bleeaney ta ry-heet.

Ta Allan Bell gra dy nhegin da çheb noa erbee ve ny ayrn jeh'n çhooish dy reih yn obbreyder share son bollee-varrey Vooir Vannin, ta fo raad hannah.

Sea route decision won't be rushed

The chief minister says the Council of Ministers won't be bounced into accepting an as-yet undefined offer from the Steam Packet, which the company says will help address visitor capacity concerns over TT.

It follows the stated ambition of the new promoter, Vision Nine, to substantially grow TT and Classic TT visitor numbers in the next ten years.

Allan Bell says any new offer must be part of the process to select the best operator for the Irish Sea routes, which is already under way.

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