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Sea Services Agreement must be adaptable

Shegin da Coardail er Shirveishyn Marrey ve freggyrtagh da goll er lhiasaghey

Veagh conaantyn plan 25-bleeaney goll er aa-scrutaghey dagh wheigoo vlein

Ta'n Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys gra dy nee scanshoil eh dy vod y Coardail noa er Shirveishyn Marrey ve lhiasit rere yn theihll ta goll er caghlaa.

Nee Ray Harmer briaght jeh Tinvaal dy chur kied da coardail 25-bleeaney ayns soie y vee shoh.

Bee bree ec y docamad, ta cur coontey giare jeh plannyn son baatyn noa, seyraadyn ny puirt jeant ny share as cummal taillaghyn myr t'ad, derrey 2045, my vees eh cosney coardail ard whaiyl Vannin.

Bee ny conaantyn er nyn aa-scrutaghey dagh wheigoo vlein, red ennagh ta Mnr Harmer gra dy ve lane-femoil.

AS RAY HARMER : Ta'n seihll ny voayl ta caghlaa dy mooar, as cha nel fys ain er shoh lesh y tarmaynys, t'ou toiggal, lesh Brexit. Agh cre lurg Brexit? Cre'n aght ta traght gobbraghey trooid yn Oarpey? As ta feme ain er ve aarloo son ny caghlaaghyn shen, myr shoh scanshoil eh. She traa liauyr ta queig bleeaney as feed, agh ta ny brishaghyn shen ain dagh wheigoo vlein cur caa dooin lhiasaghey.  

Terms of 25-year plan would be reviewed every five years

The Infrastructure Minister says it's important that the new Sea Services Agreement can be adapted to the changing world.

Ray Harmer will ask Tynwald to approve the 25-year agreement at this month's sitting.

The document, which outlines plans for new vessels, improved ports facilities and a fares freeze, will run until 2045 if it receives the backing of the Manx parliament.

The terms will be reviewed every five years, which Mr Harmer says is vital.

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