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Search on for next lieutenant governor

Shirrey y nah lhiass-chiannoort

Ta toshiaght currit da shirrey y nah lhiass-chiannoort jeh'n Ellan.

Y lhiass-chiannoort t'ayn nish, Adam Wood, t'eh ry-heet dy ve ny haaue ayns Mee Averil sy vlein shoh çheet, lurg jerrey e gharrey queig bleeaney syn oik.

She çhaghter Çhiarn Vannin ayns shoh yn peiagh ta syn oik shoh.

Cordail rish fockley veih'n reiltys, lhisagh recortys ooasle ec y leval syrjey jeh shirveish son y Chrooin, y theay, ny jeh shirveish chooie elley, ve ec yeearreyderyn.

Shimmey peiagh t'er ve syn oik ayns shoh, va coorseyn-bea er ve oc ayns ny forseyn-caggee Goaldagh.

Search on for next lieutenant governor

The search for the Island's next Lieutenant Governor has begun.

Adam Wood, the incumbent, is due to retire in April next year, following the end of his five-year term of office.

The person who holds the position is the Lord of Mann's representative here.

According to a statement from the government, candidates should have a distinguished record of Crown, public or other relevant service at the highest level.

Many of the people to have held the position here have previously had careers in the British armed forces.

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